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Hey guys Josh here! Along with my Fiancée Mikayla we created Travelling Campers! Our main goal behind Travelling Campers right from the start was to share our travels, the gear we use, any tips and tricks we find with our vehicle along the way, just as we did before we even started Travelling Campers! The best way to find locations and tips and tricks is from fellow travellers!

Mikayla and I started dating in 2014 where we started going on plenty of trips in my Holden SSV ute with my parents camper trailer but it wasn't until the SSV ute was bogged on the beach in Robe that we decided to get a 4WD! Our first 4WD was a 2017 Holden Colorado, after so much research we found this was the perfect vehicle for us. After we decide to do our East Coast & Cape York trip, we started setting it up for Offroad and had everything done to the Colorado by Spud at Mallee 4x4.

Fast forward to Cape York and our second day on the Tele Track where we got stuck in a creek crossing and flooded our beloved Colorado! Luckily we were still able to finish the Tele Track and stand at the tip of Cape York before heading down to Cairns to find out the total damage of our Colorado. Unfortunately it wasn't reparable as all the electronics had been submerged in water. So now we were stuck in Cairns with our Caravan and no way to get home to Mildura! We started shopping around for a new 4WD so we could get home with our Caravan. We had always loved the new Nissan Patrols and had mentioned that we'd love it for our next 4WD, so that's what we decided to purchase! We never would have thought that we would be having to buy a new car on our 3 month trip! 

We have always liked camping but found our love for 4WD-ing and the decision to travel Australia together.
We have always been massive believers in life is too short. We have shared losses of family and friends over the years. This is a constant reminder to get out and do what you love. Don't live to work, work to live! 

Please join us on our adventures! You can follow us on the links to our socials on our home page!

Josh and Mikayla :)

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