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2022 Lotus Trooper 19'6

To some this would look like a caravan, to us its our HOME! Our main vision in building this van to our previous 2020 Lotus Freelander 17'6 SEE RUN DOWN HERE was to bring all the comforts that you would get from your house into a Caravan! If you are more of a visual person, we have a full run down of our 2022 Lotus Trooper on our YouTube channel which you can view below! 



One of the best things we did to utilise our storage and space inside our van is offset the bed! Because we travel with a Motorbike on the front we cant have a toolbox so we need as much tunnel boot space as we can get. With offsetting the bed it allows us a second tunnel boot which allows us access from outside to storage under the bed! In here we pack shoes, our Out There Internet whilst in transit, pegs and ropes etc. This design really opens up the walk way down the side of the bed into our double pull out wardrobe where we keep our clothes as well as in the above bed storage cupboards. 

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