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How did you go!?

Here are your answers! If you did get any questions wrong, make sure you go back and revisit this guide to find the resources to get the correct answer! This way, you will never forget it again!

1. For a K8 sale, what is one piece of commission worth?
2. What is the water called that the machine produces? D) All of the above
3. Name 3 certifications that Enagic has! 1. Certificate of medical device manufacturer 2. Certificate of 8 point patent 3. WQA certificate. Plus much more! Refer back to the Enagic Australia website in the certificates section!
4. Can you put hot water through the machine to wash dishes? NO
5. How many different types of water does the K8 produce? 7 
6. How many sales do you need to become a 4A distributor? C) 21-50
7. Which hose will your 11.5pH water come from? A) Top hose
8. How many total pieces are there in the commission structure? 8
9. What does "Kangen" mean is Japanese? Back to origin
10. If someone was to ask "What is your online business?" What would you say? There is no wrong answer here, but here is an example! So what i do to is Direct sales, this is straight to the consumer and are products that aren’t available in a retail store. This cuts out a tonne of overheads including paying for marketing, which instead is paid to me as a distributor! I am a distributor for an established company called Enagic, the reason i only choose this company is because they have been around for 49 years, have a 8 point patented compensation plan so you are paid 100% of the commissions, Japanese Medical Device manufacturer, member of direct selling Australia and industry leader. I utilise a 90% automated system to reach millions of people all around the world to market the opportunity! (Finish with a question)
11. If you are a 3A distributor and earning 3A commission. What would the total commission be that you would earn for selling a trifecta that includes an Anespa, K8 and Ukon? C) $1,731 

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