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The Nissan Patrol Y62 ticked all the boxes for us to create OUR ultimate touring vehicle! Big 5.6 Litre v8 Engine, comfortable seats, 35 inch tyres fit without any modifications, factory rear diff lock, plenty of room for a rear drawer set up, it was a no brainer and we could not be happier! In stock trim these cars are very capable and comfortable! We wanted to keep all the comforts along with making it as capable as we could to tackle any track or challenge that may lay ahead of us! We have broken it down into sections of what modifications we have done to help give you some ideas if you plan on setting one up for yourself! Even if it isn't a Patrol, you will still get some great ideas to use in your vehicle!

2019 Nissan Patrol Y62 Series 4 


For the front end we wanted an aggressive look, light weight, maximum approach angle, plenty of area to mount accessories. The Dash off-road predator bar was the answer! Weighing in at 45kg, once you remove the 20kg of plastic bumper we are only gaining 25kg of weight for a bar! These are specially designed for the Y62, fit the lines and gave us that aggressive look we were looking for! Keeping weight in mind we went with the Carbon winch 12K which only weights 23kg and has pulled us out of river sand with the caravan on the back with a single line pull no worries. We have 3 ways to control the winch, with the wireless remote that comes with the kit, the hard wired controller into the winch box at the front and we also have a hard wired plug under the dash for quick access inside the car. The Dash off-road predator bar comes with an optional accessories bracket which we mounted 3 X-ray vision DLZ-220 LED lights. They have done a number of over the bonnet water crossings and long corrugated dusty roads, we highly recommend X-ray vision for your lighting choice! We mounted a GME XRS-330C with the AE4704B whip. This set up provides us the perfect mixture of radio reception along the flat highways and also when in hilly country, also the smaller profile gives it that extra mean look! Along with custom slim line number plates we are stoked with how the front of this thing looks!
Here is a list with web links to products we used from our partners!
Dash off-road Predator bar, accessories bracket and Carbon winch.
X-ray Vision HID spotlights
All fitment was done by the awesome team at Mallee 4x4 Mildura




The beauty about the Y62 is you can fit 35 inch tyres with out having to lift the vehicle or make any modifications. We are running the 18x9 ROH VAPOUR rims with a pos 30 offset which sits absolutely perfect with the guards and clears the UCA. We have 5 x BF Goodrich KM3 35x12.5/18 and so far we absolutely stoked with this tyre choice. With the Nissan Patrol models that have the HBMC suspension there is only one way to lift these vehicles which is the kit from Ontrack 4x4. Keeping the standard shocks and springs in the front it is lifted 2 inches with a lower control arm lift. The rear has different camber bushes and a taller Old man emu spring rated to 200kg constant weight and again keeping the standard shocks. As we tow a Lotus caravan we have airbags from Airbagman suspension to assist when we hitch up to the van to keep us towing level! All of this combined still gives us an awesome smooth ride loaded or unloaded. Everyones set up is going to be different, when setting up your rig it is important to fit your mods first and then get your suspension/springs last to suite! 

Airbags from Airbagman Suspension



We have most of our 12v system underneath our false floor. To power our fridge, compressors etc we have a 120 a/h Lithium battery from Itechworld. Air supply to air up the tyres and airbags we have dual 12v compressors from Airbagman along with 2x 4 litre alluminium air tanks, one placed under the false floor the other underneath the vehicle. To adjust the level of the airbags we have the wireless remote control and digital display screen from Airbagman, this system combined could not make life anymore easier! We have a 350w Inverter from Redarc to charge our camera gear, phones etc.

Air supply kit from Airbagman suspension

All fitment by Mallee 4x4

Check out our Airbag install video!




For the rear we have a full set up from Dion at Full Boar Fourbie Drawers. Our two biggest demands for the rear was to use the space provided the best we can, and have a quality system that does not squeak or make any rattles! We have a fold out table under the built in fridge slide to pop the Weber on and cook up lunch whilst out on the tracks. A Mycoolman 69 litre fridge/freezer which will stay at whatever temperature you like even in the 47 degree Mildura heat. In the side panels of the system we have an ARB air outlet plumbed into our Airbagman air supply system which will reach all around the car and caravan to air up, a plug for the fridge, a switch for the compressor. On the other side panel we use that to store some tools and jumper leads. We have one big drawer that we have all our Mean Mother recovery gear in with plenty of room left over for our Companion gas bottle and some food/clothes that we need for day trips. Above the drawer system we have an integrated tie down system which is usually used for our Weber and chainsaw for day trips. The quality of the Full boar system has definately fulfilled our expectations and has really given us OUR ultimate rear set up.

Full Boar Fourbie Drawers

Recovery Gear we use! Use code travellingcampers on both sites for free shipping!


We wanted an exhaust that would give us a nice DEEP v8 note, quiet enough to not be annoying whilst travelling down the highway or drone towing the Lotus Caravan, but roar when putting the foot into it. We have always been a fan of Torqit especially hearing their systems they make for a 79 series cruiser. We waited a couple of months while they were still in production of making a system for the Y62, I was nervous but it was well worth the way! The system is a 3 inch stainless cat back, for all the details and how it sounds check out our install video below, also check out some of our other videos on our channel to hear it roaring up sand hills!

Thinking of the Torqit for your patrol? Email say you were chatting to us, she will provide you with more info and maybe a nice little discount!




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